How to Create an Amazing Featured Image for Your Blog (Creating a Blog Banner)

How to Create an Amazing Featured Image for Your Blog
Create an Amazing Featured Image for Your Blog

Building a solid brand and drawing a dedicated following is one of the most effective ways to blog frequently. There are several ways to make your blog stand out, but creating a stunning featured image is one of the most effective. You may find it challenging to create a featured picture for your blog if you are not using the right tools.

Blogs must be updated frequently to keep your audience interested in your brand. Updating your blog with fresh, original content will help your blog stand out and attract new and returning customers. Your blog will keep customers coming back if you draw them with original, unique, high-quality images that are constantly present.

1. Use Feature Illustrations

Use Feature Illustrations
Use Feature Illustrations

People are not interested in reading posts that include generic images and stock photos because they believe they have seen the same pictures all over the internet.

If viewers fail to pay attention to something immediately, they will get bored and move on. You must either use original pictures or seek the best graphic design resource sites, such as Canva, Adobe Stock, or Unsplash, to keep them engaged.

Adding beautiful illustrations and engaging featured images to your page will keep people from scrolling and keep them on your page. The goal of maintaining a blog is to keep people reading, and interesting, colorful, and visually appealing images will be the first thing people see when they come across your blog.

2. Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple
Keep it Simple

Sometimes on the internet, less is more. You don't have to go crazy with the featured image. A minimalistic approach will help you focus on the article while choosing an image that matches it.

However, it is essential to note that minimal does not mean boring. Minimal means you do not have to go overboard with graphic design to draw attention to your blog post. A stand-out, stunning image will captivate your audience over an over-the-top, confusing image that has nothing to do with the article's content. People will be drawn in by a tasteful appearance. Therefore try to keep it minimal.

3. Use an Image that Matches Your Content

Use an Image that Matches Your Content
Use an Image that Matches Your Content

The featured image is critical not only because it helps draw attention to the blog post but also prepares the audience for the post's content.

If the image has nothing to do with the blog, the audience will be confused by the post's message and likely lose interest and trust in the post's content.

Using imagery that matches your post's content, you are preparing the audience for what they are about to read. Misleading the audience with an image that does not match will decrease the blog's credibility entirely.

Finding unique imagery that matches the posts' content can be accomplished by using tools available to you online, or you can hire a graphic designer whose job is to create unique images for your blogs. Hiring someone may cost a little extra, but your brand can be worth it to maintain a clean, consistent brand image.

4. Hire a Graphic Designer

Hire a Graphic Designer
Hire a Graphic Designer

As mentioned previously, hiring a graphic designer for your brand can be lucrative for a company. This way, all the imagery and graphics on your site are unique to your brand and create a sense of brand recognition and consistency when people are scrolling through your site.

Your audience will begin recognizing the original, stand-out images and associating them with your brand. Implementing this unique imagery will further draw your audience into reading the post's content. It is not necessary for all businesses; however, it can help take your branding and blog to the next level.

Hiring a graphic designer has never been cheaper, thanks to the rise of freelance service platforms like Fiverr.

5. Choose a Unique Color Palette

Choose a Unique Color Palette
Choose a Unique Color Palette

Choosing a color scheme for your brand and using it consistently across your site is one way to build and maintain brand recognition. You may strive to implement the color scheme in your blog photos if you have a physical location and a logo containing specific colors.

You may want to begin researching similar companies and choosing something unique and different if you don't yet have a color scheme for your website. It is about drawing attention to your brand and making it stand out among other companies. Choose a bold color scheme and maintain it.

6. Use Photography

Use Photography
Use Photography

It's an excellent method of avoiding stock photos and generic images if you use professional photographs. This is a perfect option for the featured image on your blogs as long as you can take ownership of the pictures or have permission from the photographer.

Photographs for your blog image headers can be acquired in several ways. You may hire an original photographer, post pictures from photographers on sites like Shutterstock, or take them yourself. Of course, you also need high-quality, high-resolution images.

Using poor-quality photos will instantly damage your credibility, and using images with poor quality will result in losing credibility.


Keeping your content original, fresh, and of high quality is what blogging is all about, so your audience will consider your information credible and continue reading your posts. Typically, pictures are what entices an audience and keep them reading.

People want to be given things to look at that are interesting; otherwise, they will find something else to read. Your brand image will be taken seriously if you keep it minimal, and unique, and include feature illustrations.

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