Best WordPress Hosting: Based on 7 Year Experience (2022)

I have been in the online business for the last seven years, And I've used tons of web hosting services for my sites. Today, I will share only the best WordPress hosting with you so you don't have to go through the same trial and error process I did.

Let's get back to the top hosting providers for your WordPress site.

Best WordPress Hosting Based on 7-Year Experience (2022)

So I have tested and tried many web hosting companies over the years. And I must say, some of them are great while others are not.

I considered WordPress-related features, performance, security, and price when making this post for the top pick. You can get the most bang for your buck while not sacrificing quality or service.

I will go into more detail about this in the FAQ section.

Best WordPress Hosting Service
Best WordPress Hosting Service

But let me get straight to the point. Go for an affordable shared web hosting service if you are just starting. And choose to opt for managed WordPress hosting services if you have a relatively large site.

But what is shared hosting anyway?

What is Shared Hosting Service: And Why Use It

So when you publish your website, its contabo is hosted on a server and from where it's distributed across the globe.

Shared hosting is a service where your site shares the same server as other websites. The most popular and affordable hosting solution is ideal for small businesses or budding bloggers and marketers.

Shared Web Hosting

There are many shared hosting providers to choose from. But I would only recommend three because they offer great WordPress-specific features, good performance, and much more.

With that said, let me start with the best-shared WordPress hosting right now.


Hostinger WordPress hosting is an excellent option for those on a budget. For as little as $2.99 per month, you can start with Hostinger and enjoy all the features that come with it. And you can scale up to a more premium plan if you need more resources for your site.

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting
Hostinger Shared Web Hosting

Here are some of the things that I like about Hostinger:
  • Free SSL certificate
  • User-friendly interface
  • WordPress-friendly
  • 24/7 customer
  • Fast speed

And much more. Hostinger is one of the cheapest WordPress hosting services in the world. But that does not make it any less good.

Hostinger is one of the best hosting companies right now {alertInfo}


SiteGround is my top pick when it comes to shared WordPress hosting services. I have been using them for years, and they never fail to impress me. It's a powerful hosting platform recommended by WordPress itself.

Siteground WordPress Hosting
Siteground WordPress Hosting

But it provides only 10GB of space for four bucks a month. And I believe it's more than enough for starters and start-ups.

These are some of the things that I like about SiteGround:

  • Ultrafast and secure.
  • Automated site migration.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • WordPress staging.

And much more. SiteGround is the best choice if you can afford to spend just a little more than Hostinger. They offer great features at an affordable price without any question whatsoever!

Get Hostinger Hosting  {alertSuccess}


Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies globally and is recommended by WordPress. It's fast, easy, and affordable. Yes, you can start for as little as $2.95 per month.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting
BlueHost WordPress Hosting

There are many things to like about Bluehost, but here are my top three:

  • Easy to manage the hosting.
  • Free domain name for one year.
  • Free SSL certificate included.
  • 1-click WordPress installation.

Bluehost's secret weapon is probably the easy WordPress drag and drop builder, making it the perfect host for beginners. With it, you can easily create a beautiful WordPress website without coding.


I want to talk about HostGator since it's another famous hosting company quickly. I have used their services in the past, and they were good.

These are some of the biggest things I love about Hostgator:

Hostgator WordPress Hosting
Hostgator WordPress Hosting

  • 99% uptime guarantee.
  • $150 Google Ads and $100 Microsoft Advertising credit.
  • Added security with SiteLock.
  • Free SSL certificate and 45-day money-back guarantee.

So far, so good! But I'm not a big fan of their new pricing structure.

They are now charging $3.50/month as an introductory offer for more than one website. But if you can afford it, go for it since they offer good quality hosting. Just don't expect anything except for the price you are paying.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy is the world's leader in domain registration and offers good quality WordPress hosting. I have used their services in the past, and they were great. But their new pricing is a bit too much for my taste.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting
GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

The cheapest plan starts at $8.99/month, which is too high for shared hosting services. But the features are premium as well. Have a look at the features of GoDaddy hosting for WordPress sites:

  • Website backup protection with 1-click restore.
  • Automatic daily malware scans.
  • CDN Boost for faster load times of up to 50%.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee and money-back guarantee.

I don't like that the business email address costs you around $24 per year after the first term. On the other hand, many web hosts offer business email for free. But if you are looking for feature-rich WordPress hosting and can afford to spend a few extra bucks, then GoDaddy is a good choice.

These are my top five shared WordPress hosting companies for this year. Go with any of them if you are just starting.

My Recommendation for Hosting Small Sites:

If you want to start a site or have one that gets around 10,000 visits per month, I recommend Hostinger. It's a powerful yet affordable WordPress host with excellent support and all the necessary features. Look at the pricing; it's just $2-3 per month.

Hostinger Pricing
Hostinger Shared Hosting Pricing 

And it also offers a lot of payment methods, including cryptocurrency! That's perfect to start an anonymous blog or website. However, if your site has over 50,000 monthly visits, I recommend choosing VPS or managed WordPress hosting packages.

Let's get into the details now. 

Best Hosting For WordPress Sites With Huge Traffic (2022)

This blog, BountyBlade, has over 50,000 visits per month while writing this post.

I am sharing these stats to show that my sites are highly dynamic. And I need a good hosting company to handle this traffic without any issue!

If you have a site with more than 10,000 visits per month, you must go for anything but shared hosting. That's where you usually have two options:

  • VPS Hosting Services
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

Let's understand these two hosting types in more detail so you can make an informed decision for your website.

So what is VPS hosting?

In simple words, it's a hosting service where you get your virtual server.

Unlike shared hosting, where dozens of websites are hosted on a single server, you get your dedicated resources with VPS hosting.

That means your website will never be impacted by the resource usage of other websites on the same server. Here's how to create a Windows VPS on Google Cloud:

It's more expensive than shared hosting but cheaper than having your physical server. And the best part is that you get all the features of a dedicated server without actually paying for one!

Top WordPress VPS Hosting Service: Contabo

I've used many VPS hosting services for my high-traffic sites in the last seven years. And I believe these are 5 top contenders for the finest VPSs:

Top WordPress VPS Hosting Service
Top WordPress VPS Hosting Service

  • DigitalOcean
  • A2 Hosting
  • Contact
  • Vultr
  • Linode

But when I carefully analyzed the features and pricing, I discovered that Contabo gives the best overall value. It offers very high-quality servers at a very affordable price. Their entry-level virtual server with four vCPU Cores starts at just $6.99/month!

There are some of the features I love about Contabo:

Contabo Features Pricing
Contabo Features and Pricing

  • Data Centers are across the globe.
  • Amazing pricing strategy.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Focused on security and safety.
  • Get 32 TB of outgoing and unlimited inbound data transfer.
  • The connection speed is between 200 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s.

That's mind-blowing, isn't it?

And when you compare the pricing of Contabo with its competitors like Vultr, Linode, or DigitalOcean, it's even cheaper. Have a look at the pricing comparison for the same resources:

Contabo also offers a wide range of operating systems to choose from. You can go with Windows or any flavor of Linux you want.

Additionally, if you need a pre-configured server for popular applications such as Plesk, cPanel/WHM, or WordPress, it also has that.

If you're looking for the best VPS hosting for your WordPress website, I highly recommend Contabo. You can't go wrong with them.

Let's now jump to the other best option: managed hosting.

And what's managed WordPress hosting, anyway?

managed WordPress hosting
Managed WordPress Hosting

In simple words, it's WordPress hosting on steroids!

It's designed specifically for WordPress sites and has tons of premium features. Companies that offer managed hosting take care of everything related to your website. That includes:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Backups
  • Updates
  • Loaded support.

And whatnot! It's like hiring a full-fledged developer or hosting manager for your website. So with managed hosting, you can just focus on creating content or any product and leave everything else.

That's why I call it 'hands-free WordPress hosting.' But that comes at a cost, of course.

Compared with VPS or shared hosting, it's a little more expensive. But if you ask me, it's worth every single penny.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service: Kinsta

If you're convinced that managed WordPress hosting is the best option for your medium to high website, here are my top 5 recommendations:

  1. Kinsta
  2. WP Engine
  3. SiteGround
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. Flywheel

But when it comes to choosing the best one, I always recommend Kinsta. It's a bit more expensive than other managed WordPress hosting providers but offers almost everything under the hood.

managed WordPress hosting
Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta's hosting platform is built on Google Cloud, which gives you access to the same infrastructure that powers sites like YouTube and Gmail. So you can be sure of getting world-class performance for your website.

Here are some other features that make Kinsta stand out:

  • Free site migrations with zero downtime.
  • Automatic and real-time backups of your site.
  • A free global CDN, free SSL, and WordPress staging as well.
  • 24/7 expert WordPress support via live chat, email, or phone.
  • Built-in application performance monitoring

There are over 29 data centers worldwide to store and deliver your content. Pricing starts at $30/month for one website with 25,000 monthly visits. All the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free.

My Recommendation for Hosting Large Sites: 

I have created this post to help you decide on your site's exemplary WordPress hosting service. And here's my verdict:

"If you have a small site with less than 10,000 monthly visits, you should go for shared hosting. And you must go for VPS or managed hosting if you have a large site." {alertInfo}

But what should you choose between VPS and managed to host?

My recommendation is; to go for managed WordPress hosting if your site is growing quickly or you need top-of-the-line performance and security for your website. Also, it saves a lot of time to manage the virtual servers. {alertInfo}

VPS hosting may be cheaper, but you need time, effort, and skills to manage it actively. My number one choice would be to go for managed WordPress hosting.

And the best option for that is Kinsta. That's why this website is running on the hosting managed by Kinsta. Have questions?

Top FAQs for the Best WordPress Hosting Services

This section will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about hosting services.

How to choose the best WordPress hosting in 2022?

The best way to choose the top hosting for you is by reading reviews and then narrowing down your choices based on your specific needs.

Pay attention to these factors when analyzing the hosting services:

  • Speed: The server load time should be less than 300 milliseconds.
  • Customer Service: For WordPress-related and other inquiries.
  • Uptime: Service availability should be 99%.
  • Your Needs: The hosting service should serve your business size and type.
  • Pricing: Choose a service that's affordable for your budget.

So these are the most important things to consider while selecting the most satisfactory WordPress hosting service.

Best WordPress Hosting
Best WordPress Hosting

Based on my experience, I believe Hostinger as a shared hosting service, Contabo as a VPS provider, and Kinsta as managed WordPress hosting services are the best in their respective categories.

How much does WordPress hosting cost?

Hosting services range from $2.99/month to $99+/month. The price depends on various factors such as hosting, company reputation, feature set, etc.

But in general, it depends on the type of hosting you choose. For example, VPS and managed hosting services are more expensive than shared ones. But then they offer more features, resources, and support as well.

So if you are just starting, I recommend using a shared WordPress hosting service. Once your traffic grows, you can always switch to VPS or managed services.

Do I need WordPress hosting?

No, you can get any web hosting service and install WordPress. Although WordPress hosting services are explicitly marketed for WordPress sites, they are not required. See if they meet the minimum WordPress requirements.

And WordPress-specific hosting providers cost a bit more than general ones.

But if you want a one-click WordPress installer, pre-configured servers, managed security, and so on, you can go with WordPress hosting services.

Does WordPress recommend Bluehost?

Yes, Bluehost is a WordPress-recommended hosting service along with SiteGround and DreamHost. All these hosting providers are excellent, without a doubt.

WordPress Recommended Hosting in 2022
WordPress Recommended Hosting in 2022

But I don't recommend using them because they are a little more expensive than other shared WordPress hosting providers.

And they offer almost the same features. If you want to save money, I recommend going with Hostinger because it's affordable and powerful.

How do I install WordPress on Contabo?

Installing WordPress on Contabo is very easy; you can do it in less than 5 minutes. Follow these steps:

Installing WordPress on Contabo
Installing WordPress on Contabo

1) Go to the VPS section and select the desired package.

2) Enter your personal information and choose the payment method.

3) Once the order is processed, you will receive an email with login details.

4) Map domain name, connect WordPress, and you're ready.

How to install WordPress on DigitalOcean with an SSL certificate?

Installing WordPress on DigitalOcean with an SSL certificate is pretty straightforward. You can do it in under 10 minutes by following these steps:

1) Create a WordPress Droplet and select the desired package.

2) Access the droplet via SSH to enable configuration.

3) Configure WordPress by visiting the droplet's IP address.

And you're ready! If you are still unsure about how to install WordPress on DigitalOcean, watch this video on my channel right now:

Is Hostinger good enough?

Yes, Hostinger is an affordable hosting provider for WordPress sites and more. But it doesn't mean that it's not good enough. Hostinger has one of the best uptime records in the industry.

It also has excellent features such as unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, daily backups, etc. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly hosting service, Hostinger is a good choice.

Get Hostinger Hosting  {alertSuccess}

Final Verdict on the Best WordPress Hosting (2022)

If you are looking for the cheapest WordPress hosting provider, go for Hostinger shared plans. But if you have a large site like mine, you should go for managed WordPress hosting rather than VPS.

Kinsta offers the top managed hosting services for WordPress sites.

Why? You need to manage VPS hosting for your site, which can sometimes be daunting. But it's up to you, of course. Contabo VPS hosting is exceptional in performance and security.

That's all from my side! Look at the SEO Tools to ensure you're on the right track to internet success.

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