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The platform combines coding interview preparation and technical skillset education resources to offer a comprehensive online learning experience. The website provides text-based interactive learning lessons and some of the most popular courses for preparing for coding interviews. You can also learn essential technologies for free. The subscription, which provides access to all classes, is the best way to take advantage of the platform.

Software engineers and programmers can stay updated on new technologies in their field by using them. In addition to all the free and competitor resources, features an in-browser terminal that allows users to type in code and run it. This simplifies the learning of many different technologies and makes stand out from other free and competitor resources.

What does do?

The topics on are divided into modules. Java, Data Structures, and other subjects are included. From beginner to advanced, modules are available.

Courses are available to help you better understand the material, quizzes to reinforce what you learn, a sandbox to display your creativity, a playground to demonstrate your knowledge, illustrations to offer new perspectives on concepts, and code snippets to assist you in learning pseudocode. Courses

You can study the Python, JavaScript, C++, Java, Algorithms, System Design, Concurrency, Recursion, Data Structures, and Ruby courses provided by to improve your skillset. The interview preparation section includes Concurrency, System Design, Recursion, Data Structures, and other topics. New and experienced developers can take Python, JavaScript, Java, CSS, Data Science, HTML, R, PHP, and several other courses.

There are courses available for experienced developers in Python, JavaScript, Go, C++, React, Vue, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, C#, Cloud, CSS, GraphQL, Redux, Bash, Concurrency, Data Science, Reason, Perl, Data Structures, Functional Programming, HTML, R, Ruby, PHP, C, System Design, Kotlin, Android, Security, and Software Testing. Review

Additionally, there is a course challenge for each problem set, in which you will practice solving it once you have learned what you need to. The platform includes an in-house environment with a built-in tester. This is very beneficial for interactive practice and helps the platform stand out.

With, you can also find Espresso, a Developers Lounge. This section presents brief queries that are concisely answered to help you zip through the material you need additional assistance with and return to the course sooner. This is excellent when you need coding aid, particularly with algorithms, complexities, and data structures.

Who is for?

Whether you are a beginner programmer or an expert looking to brush up on your computer science skills, is an excellent resource. It is an easy-to-use learning tool that covers various computer science topics, including data structures and algorithms. If you want to learn one case or several, is an excellent choice.

Thanks to its diverse pricing options, it is an excellent resource for gaining new skills. It is a fun, interactive tool that includes plenty of introductory material in various subjects and computer science with a subscription. Pricing

The pricing structure at includes two tiers. The annual plan is less expensive month to month, while the yearly plan is priced at $20.79 per month for a total of $249 per year. The monthly plan is $59 per month. Pricing
You get unlimited access to the course material, completion certificates, new course releases every week, and regular course updates with both plans. The annual plan also gives you early access to courses.

You can also buy individual courses on the subjects you are interested in. Every subject is divided into modules at various levels of expertise, from novice to expert. When you select a topic, you can see all the modules on that subject and pay for the ones you want. This is an excellent alternative for continuous learners who wish to learn or practice one or two technologies.

Get FREE TRIAL {alertInfo} Reviews and Ratings

There are plenty of positive reviews for, which has a high rating. Many people believe that preparing for an interview using is the best method, and many people like that a single subscription gives you access to new content as it is published. Many people also preferred over other platforms for coding patterns and system design interviews.

Some users found that identical material was available for free on other websites, and some courses were seen as overpriced. Some students felt the content was an abridged version of the computer science material.

Although this may be beneficial if you want to learn about new technologies quickly without getting caught up in the finer points, this course does not cover more subtle issues or provide industry-related coursework.'s courses are rated, so it is recommended that you follow their rating to get the most out of them. You won't discover the content to be adequate otherwise.

Alternatives to

  • Courseroot
  • QuickCode


Courseroot is a platform that helps you find the right online course for your needs. You can filter online courses based on difficulty level, price, content hours, and certificate quality. Coursera, edX, Futurelearn, Khan Academy, Udemy, Springboard, and Skillshare are just a few of the courses currently available. This is an excellent option if you're looking for a course on a specific topic and want to find an easy-to-access course.


QuickCode provides free programming, web development, and mobile development courses in various languages. Here, you can discover the best big data, web, mobile, database management, data science, and other courses. This is a terrific alternative for free learning.

Conclusion is a free and open-source platform for education and training. It is a code-driven, interactive, and skill-based education platform that promotes learning and good habits. The platform features a set of courses all tied to developer skills, and each course contains interactive multimedia lessons, quizzes, exercises, and simulations. It also has an in-browser terminal that allows users to input code and see it run within the platform. This helps simplify learning many different technologies and sets apart from other free or competitor resources. 

The platform's biggest strength is its text-based teaching method, which allows users to focus on understanding the materials without being distracted by flashy graphics or animations. You can also customize your own content using text or images. You can write and publish your own material and then invite others to learn with you via a course challenge.

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