Fanatiz Vs Fubo Tv: Everything You Need To Know

Fanatiz vs. Fubo TV

In today's digital world, it's no longer enough to offer users content. If you want them to keep coming back frequently, you have to stand out from the crowd somehow. This is something that both Fanatiz and Fubo TV have realized. Both streaming services are now offering users something exceptional: exclusive access to top-quality soccer (a.k.a football) matches from Argentina and Brazil, among other countries.

With so many streaming services available, it can be tricky for potential users to understand precisely what these two platforms offer and how they compare. So before diving into the specifics of each service, let's first go over some general details about their features, pricing options, and more.

What is Fanatiz?

Fanatiz aims to provide new viewers worldwide with the best soccer leagues while reconnecting fans living abroad with their beloved clubs. Fanatiz is the place to find everything you need to watch live soccer matches. With Fanatiz, soccer lovers can find various live and recorded sports matches.

Fanatiz Review

Furthermore, you can stream matches from more than 25 competitions worldwide (and growing), including leagues from Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Mexico*, Peru, Portugal, Ecuador, France, Colombia, Libertadores, Sudamericana, Centroamerican Soccer Leagues, and other events.

Fanatiz provides five channels for free without a paid subscription. You can watch RealMadrid.TV and more without a paid subscription.

Because of broadcasting rights, content is georeferenced, and availability varies based on where the platform is used. You can view the content available in your country on Fanatiz.

Fanatiz Pricing & Plans

Fanatiz Pring & Plans

Fanatiz is very cheap and probably a promotional price to establish yourself. For $5.99, you get 100% of Serie A and B (including CAP ghost games) and 100% of past games.

For another $7.99, you have Libertadores, South American, LaLiga, French, Portuguese, Argentino, and other minor leagues (Colombia, Ecuador, etc.), in addition to the beIN Sports channel.

They don't say if there will be the Copa do Brasil. For $5.99, you get a lot of real-time content.

Fanatiz Subscription

Fanatiz subscription provides you with up-to-date soccer news and information. Make sure to look at the game statistics and game highlights, as well. With Fanatiz, you won't miss anything exciting in the world of soccer.

You can watch live matches or VOD (video on demand) recordings of games on your own time and in your place. You can watch matches live or view them on various channels as they are streamed into the Fanatiz s App.

Fanatiz App

Fanatiz App

Through Fanariz App, you can get alerts from your favorite team. You can watch live soccer games on your devices on the go.

Fanaitz App is available on all major devices, including Android, iOS, computers, Chromecast, amazon fire stick, and apple tv.

Fanatiz Free Trial

Fanatiz gives you a free 7-day trial on your first subscription/plan without cancellation charges. You will be billed on the 8th day if you do not cancel your subscription.

How Long is The Free Trial For Fanatiz?

For free, you can watch live or recorded matches of your favorite leagues with Fanatiz for seven days. You can enjoy all the features during this period.

How I cancel Fanatiz Trial Subscription

Go to your account page and click on 'cancel subscription.' Once you cancel the free trial, you will no longer be charged.

How Do I Get The Free Trial For Fanatiz?

Fanatiz provides a free trial on their website at Fanatiz. First, press the "free trial" button and enter your information. You may view your favorite sports events at any time of day or night.

What is Fubo TV?

FuboTV began as a sports streaming service in January 2015, but it has grown to include a variety of other genres, including crime, drama, and films. The crime category, for example, contains dozens of sports-focused channels.

FuboTV Review

FuboTV has recently lost virtual channels such as CNN, TBS, Lifetime, and A&E, but its origins are still apparent with numerous sports-focused channels. Of the 100 media we assessed, FuboTV had the lowest score on the premium services at 61, closely followed by DirecTV Stream at 62. Meanwhile, YouTube TV led the pack with 79 points.

Fubo's live 4K sports content is a mixture of sporting events, including the Super Bowl and the Westminster Dog Show. The upcoming 4K events page lists Premier League and NCAA basketball tournament (March Madness), but there is plenty of non-4K content, including UEFA Europa League.

How much does FuboTV Cost?

FuboTV Pricing

FuboTV has three plans pro for 69.99 a month, elite for 79.99 a month, and Latino for 32.99 a month. It also offers a seven-day free trial which you can and should use to test the service before paying for a month.

Pro Plan

Looking at what you get for the price of the fubu tv pro plan includes 117 channels and a cloud DVR with a thousand hours of recording capacity.

A feature worth calling out briefly is screen number because it's good that FuboTV now offers the ability to stream on unlimited screens, including ten at home.

If you have a lot of people in your home who want to watch TV simultaneously, this is a pretty nice feature to have for sure.

Elite Plan

Now let's look at the FuboTV elite plan. It includes everything in the pro plan plus more channels, 172 to be exact at the time of filming, which has the FuboTV extra package and news plus channels as well as more than 130 events in 4k.

Latino Plan

It comes with 41 Spanish language channels, a 250-hour cloud DVR, and the ability to stream on two screens simultaneously. Instead, we'll focus on the pro versus elite plans since those are the main ones; yeah, FuboTV has long been a popular cable alternative.

For people who want to cut the cord and still watch live sports without cable, but as you'll see when we get into the FuboTV channels, it still lacks the Turner networks, which is a massive problem for basketball fans and sports fans in general.

FuboTV Supoorted Devices

Let's move on to our final factor-supported devices. Like most other live tv streaming services, fubo helps a long list of devices.
  • Amazon fire tv or stick devices
  • Android devices
  • AppleTV
  • Chromecast
  • Roku streaming devices
  • Samsung
  • Vizio intelligent TVs
Can all run FuboTV? You can even use an Xbox to watch FuboTV.

Is FuboTV Worth it?

Is FuboTV worth 70 and 80 dollars a month FuboTV plans are at the top of the premium live tv streaming space. It also has an unlimited DVR, and while you can only stream on three screens at a time instead of unlimited ones, you can create six profiles.

Its base plan and add those turner networks at no additional cost. Those changes, as well as placing NBA tv, NHL Network, MLB Network, and the ESPN stations currently in the elite plan in the pro plan.

Fubo Tv Vs. Fanatic: Which Service Is Better?

Honestly recommend going with Fanatiz tv since it costs six dollars less per month at the time of filming and offers an equally compelling channel lineup.

Finals Words

Overall, Fanatiz is very good. If you want cheap service, you go with Fantiz. I hope they don't raise the price too much and keep the narration/comments light as it is today.

Which service do you think is better between Fanatiz tv and FuboTV? Let us know in the comments below.

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