Surfshark VS NordVPN 2022 Review Comparison

NordVPN vs SurfSharkVPN Review

VPN can be difficult to choose; there are many good options to consider, and today we're comparing two of the top VPNs out there, Surfshark and NordVPN. We'll look at performance features, pricing, and everything in between so you can see how they match up against each other and ultimately decide which is better for your specific needs.


let's start. Beforeopularity before diving into our technical comparison, we'll do a little popularity contest since that can help give an idea of what may or may not be working for other people. At the same time, neither of them has published the number of their users because they like to protect your information.

That way, we can try to gauge it by looking at the number of ratings their mobile apps have received.

SurfShark Popularity

Let's begin with the iTunes store there; Surfshark has just 5200 ratings, while on the google play store, it's been rated over  37,000 times.

NordVPN Popularity

I'm saying this just because NordVPN crushes these numbers with over 236,000 ratings on the iTunes store and over 470,000 ratings on the google play store. From these numbers alone, it's evident that Nord is way more popular among VPN users and is a more established name in the industry.

But as we all know, popularity isn't everything, thank goodness, so let's dive into the substance of those technical details and talk about how they might affect you when using your VPN security.


VPNs security

Obviously, the most critical job of a  VPN is security, and both of these VPNs offer excellent industry-standard protection. They both protect your data with 256-bit  military-grade encryption meaning that not even the smartest supercomputers can crack the code. Also, both of these VPNs have VPN server chaining Surfshark calls. It multihop Nord calls it double VPN, but it's the same thing. It's a feature that allows you to connect through two VPNs one after another.

So it jumbles and encrypts your data twice; ain't no one going to make sense of that mess basic security-wise both VPNs are essentially tied, but there's nuance to how effective a VPN can be, which we'll talk about next.


Surfshark Speed Test

Connection speed is essential to maximize your streaming quality and ability to game without serious latency issues. It also affects the likelihood that you'll actually use your VPN. Think about it if your VPN is slowing down your internet connection at all, what are you gonna do? Turn that baby right off, and now you're right back where you started, exposed to all the wrong guys in malware and selling your information off to advertising agencies, so yeah, making sure that your VPN isn't going to slow you down is essential and what's more choosing the right VPN can actually enhance your current internet speeds we'll talk about how in just a second.

NordVPN Speed

Nord consistently has the fastest speed in a recent third-party test, which matches our test. Surfshark comes in about fourth which isn't terrible could be a lot worse. Still, suppose streaming or gaming or just high performance, in general, is essential to you. In that case, Nord is the way to go. Now back to how a VPN can enhance your existing connection speed VPNs can help stop your internet service provider or isp from throttling your internet speed. Yes, they slow you down on purpose. I know both Nord, fortunately. Surfshark helps combat ISP trouble, but overall, Nord takes the cake for speed.

Number of Servers

The number of servers is one of the most essential and straightforward metrics. When comparing different VPNs, it's a  concrete number that doesn't leave much place for interpretation or personal opinion, so which VPN out of these two has a more impressive list of available servers?

Surfshark Vpn Servers

Surfshark has over 3200 servers in about 65 countries, while Nord has over 5100 servers in nearly 60 countries. The list of countries heavily overlaps, but Surfshark does have servers in some countries that nor doesn't. However, Nord has servers in Georgia and even Antarctica, where Surfshark doesn't. So if you need a VPN in one of the specific countries that Surfshark offers and doesn't, Surfshark is the way. I go; if not, Nord is a clear winner.

In this category, they have over 2 000  more servers than SurfShark in about as many countries' complete VPN protocols.

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VPN protocols

SurfsharkVPN & NordVPN Protocols

Surfhark is utilizing wire guard IKEv version 2 open VPN and shadowbox protocols; each of these protocols has its own pros and cons, but where Surfshark lacks is that they haven't developed their own VPN protocol, while Nord has introduced their own protocol called nor links which is heads and shoulders above other VPN protocols used by Surfshark in speed reliability and safety so go NordVPN.


An excellent VPN is useless if it's not compatible with your devices. However, Surfshark and Nord are equally great at offering their services to as many different devices as possible.

You can use these VPNs on most mainstream operating systems like Mac Windows. Surfshark and Nord offer web extensions for chrome and F Firefox, making your browsing experience safe and convenient by blocking malware, annoying ads, and phishing attempts.

You can also use these VPNs with your gaming consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox; however, most gaming consoles don't support built-in VPNs, so you have to configure your router to use one for those of us who want an easy solution luckily both Surfshark and Nord have partnered up with flash routers who offers pre-configured, routers. Hence, they just come ready to go, no meddling necessary.

Devices Connection

As for simultaneous connections on one account, NordVPN lets you connect up to six devices at once, while  Surfshark has unlimited device connections, so if you live in a  household with a ton of devices all being used at the same time or you host huge gaming parties and want everyone to be protected under your VPN Surfshark is your Friend here so just for those unlimited device connections.


One of the main benefits of a VPN is that it can complement your streaming experience. For example, your watch history is kept private even from the streaming companies themselves, and some people use their VPN to access the content they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Both Surfshark and Nord work equally great for this and pair perfectly with most streaming platforms like amazon prime, Hulu, Disney Plus, Netflix, and a  bunch of others, as well as working great with gaming and game consoles.

The only thing I would add here is that connection speeds will affect your streaming experience, so just keep in mind that Nord is faster. Hence, you're less likely to sit through any buffering while watching your favorite show or deal with ping and latency issues while gaming, so Nord wins out here for speed alone.

Additional Features

SurfsharkVPN and NordVPN Features

They're actually pretty similar across the board on features. They both offer two-factor authentication obfuscated VPN  servers which hide the fact that you're using a VPN in the first place, especially useful if you live in a  dictatorship or are a highly conservative country. They both have a kill switch split tunneling, and neither of them has poor forwarding, which actually kind of makes sense since, by nature, port forwarding is unsecured, so both have chosen not to offer it at this point.

No-Logs Policy

we're going to call this a tie no logs policy; oddly enough, while you're likely using a VPN to protect your data from being seen by other people, the data doesn't necessarily just disappear into thin air. Your VPN service could be keeping logs of your personal information, browsing history, activity, etc. That's why most VPNs on the market swear by a no-logs policy.

However, Surfshark and Nord were two of only a few VPN companies that have actually proven it by being audited by a third party to confirm that they don't keep any logs. You don't have to worry that one day your private information will magically reappear because your VPN  service had a data leak; sadly, this has happened to other VPNs, so again, you're equally safe with both options here.


For many of us, price is one of the most important aspects of a VPN, especially since it's an ongoing expense.

SurfsharkVPN Pricing

Surfshark has two subscription plans a monthly plan for 12.95 a month or a 2-year program for 2.49.

NordVPN Pricing

A month Nord is a little bit more flexible with their subscription plans. The price ranges from a little over three dollars per month to about 12  dollars per plan, depending on your chosen plan. If you go monthly, Nord is cheaper.

If you go with a two-year plan, Surfshark is cheaper. The only thing I'll mention, though, is that we find that Nord offers way more value for your money, so if you're looking for that higher performance, you still get a great deal at just a few bucks a month, but if you don't need the premium performance that Nord offers Surfshark is still a great option and can work exceptionally well for brand new or light users.

So for the lowest price option, Surfshark wins for best value Nord wins. {alertSuccess}


In conclusion, Surfshark and Nord offer great VPNs, but our overall winner is NordVPN, while both perform similarly in several aspects Nord.

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Nord VPN protocol beats out Surfshark in speed, reliability, and safety. It offers way more servers than Surfshark and comes at a pretty unbeatable value, so it is a more premium product overall.

But again, Surfshark is still great, and you may have decided it's the one for you based on some of the nuances we covered today. If you're interested in trying Nord, we're always looking out for the best deals for you guys.

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