Scribd Review – Is Scribd really unlimited?

Scribd Review

What is Scribd?

Scribd was founded by Jared Friedman, Tikhon Bernstam, and Trip Adler in San Francisco in March 2007. Their main goal is to compile the world's most excellent books for everyone to have access to them. Unlike Audible, which relies on a credit system, you only have to pay a small monthly fee to access all of Scribd's titles.

Scribd Review

You don't have to worry about running out of credits. It's similar to Netflix's marketing as an all-you-can-read subscription service. However, Scribd also supports authors in addition to readers. Any author can publish books, audiobooks, and documents on Scribd, and they will be compensated for their efforts.

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Is Scribd Reputable?

Scribd was founded in 2007 and has 80 million monthly readers worldwide. Because of this, you're in good company if you're on Scribd. In addition, TIME magazine named Scribd one of the '10 Start-Ups that Will Change Your Life' in addition to being in good company. Trip Adler founded Scribd, and Forbes named him one of '30 under 30, '35 under 35,' and one of 'Tech Pioneers' in addition to TIME.

In other words, Scribd is a reputable company. Although I have seen a few Reddit discussions that indicate Scribd continues to charge credit cards after users cancel their accounts, this did not happen to me. I will discuss this issue in more detail later on.

Who Is Scribd For?

After using Scribd to listen to my favorite authors, I noticed it can benefit the lives of:
  • Avid readers
  • Researchers and entrepreneurs
  • Writers

What do you get with Scribd?

When you register with Scribd, you get "unlimited" access to their library (which we'll discuss later).

Does Scribd have new releases?

Are there new releases on Scribd? With over 70,000 titles, including new releases, Scribd has a lot to offer. With Scribd, the 70,000 titles available don't compare to the big online book retailers like Amazon. Furthermore, there aren't a lot of independent authors on Scribd, as Kindle Unlimited is the first choice.

Can you keep Scribd books?

When you sign up for any subscription service like Scribd, you only gain access to the content, not the rights. You don't 'own' the books you buy on Scribd.

For example, It's similar to Netflix in that if I terminated my account, I wouldn't have access to any of the programs I had seen before.

How much does Scribd cost per month?

Scribd's platinum monthly membership is $8.99 per month. It's less than a cup of coffee every week. There are no lock-in contracts, and you may cancel your subscription anytime.

Is Scribd free?

No, although there is a 30-day free trial choice. Scribd offers a free trial if you want to try the service out.

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Scribd Alternative

I believe that Scribd tries to provide everything at the lowest price possible for everyone. That would be terrific for a casual reader.

However, if you're a hardcore book nerd like me, you will have to restrict your choice of subscription services.

If you're searching for nonfiction books or book summaries, I advise Blinkist, an online subscription service. It's easy to get book summaries from Blinkist.

If you love listening to audiobooks, Audible is the best choice available. Kindle Unlimited is the optimal option if you want to read as many books as you wish each month. You can browse a virtual treasure trove of independent authors and new releases with Kindle Unlimited.

Finals Words

Scribd isn't a scam, even though they restrict your content for $8.99 a month. You get decent value for the money. A casual reader is satisfied with appropriate content. To those who get through one book per month or two, a Scribd account would be an intelligent choice.

However, you're going to be deeply disappointed if you're an avid reader and see Scribd's marketing as an $8.99 all-you-can-eat smorgasbord
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Rather than look for an all-in-one solution, choose what you value most and purchase the market leader.

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